«Outsourcing into the UMB cloud enables us to increase our capacity to act and enhances our security.»

Daniel Buffet, CIO APG|SGA

APF/SGA Transfers IT Platform into the UMB cloud

17/11/2016 - 08:45

APG/SGA – for more than 100 years the leading company for outdoor advertising

APG/SGA AG was established in the year 1900, is headquartered in Geneva, and with its 570 employees counts among the ten largest companies worldwide in outdoor advertising. APG/SGA specializes in analog and digital out of home solutions at highly frequented locations.


Digital transformation impacts the market for outdoor advertising

The opening of the APG/SGA systems to the Internet and mobile devices has increased their complexity and requirements regarding reliability and availability. This development will continue in parallel with digitization.

Increased capacity to act, as well as enhanced security

“We are transferring our IT operations to UMB and will migrate all IT services supporting our business processes into the UMB cloud”, confirms Daniel Buffet, APG/SGA CIO. The basis for the transfer lies in the geo-redundant and highly available UMB platform.

This outsourcing makes accessing innovations and cost reduction measures easier. Daniel Buffet is pleased: ”I find it especially positive that UMB as an excellent employer will offer new perspectives and development possibilities to seven affected APG/SGA employees”, he says.

Comprehensive outsourcing offer thanks to leading edge competency

The outsourcing offer for APG/SGA includes IT data center services, ServiceDesk, 24/7 on-call services, network, security and desktop management, as well as the application management for analog and digital advertising. Matthias Keller, UMB CEO on his company’s abilities: “Thanks to our leading edge technology competency we can cover all of APG/SGA needs and support their transformation”.
UMB’s clever sourcing offer will move your company along too.