«Thanks to the UMB cloud, we can fully concentrate on our advertising marketing services. Together with UMB we are able to continually implement technological transformation, adding real value for us.»

Dominik Kozlowski, Head IT Infrastructure & Support, Goldbach Group AG 

Goldbach Group AG joins the UMB Cloud for the next five years

15/12/2016 - 08:45

The companies belonging to Goldbach Group AG provide marketing services for advertising, focused on TV, Radio, digital out-of-home formats, online, as well as search engine and mobile marketing. The company competes in an extremely demanding and dynamic market – and for this reason it will count on the UMB cloud for the coming five years.


Advertising windows for targeted commercial information

Goldbach Group AG combines the following companies: Goldbach Media (Switzerland) AG, Goldbach Audience (Switzerland) AG, Goldbach Digital Services AG, swiss radioworld AG and Goldbach Interactive (Switzerland) AG, Goldbach Austria GmbH, Goldbach Audience Austria GmbH, Goldbach Interactive Austria GmbH, Goldbach Media Austria GmbH, Goldbach Interactive (Germany) AG, Goldbach Germany GmbH, and Jaduda GmbH. More than 380 employees in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria offer advertising windows to their clients, targeting desired audiences with commercial information, independently of their location and at the appropriate time. This is a very challenging business, putting rigorous demands on the IT infrastructure running in the background. 

Focusing on the core business – thanks to UMB

Matthias Keller, UMB CEO observes: “We are very pleased to have been able to assist the Goldbach Group for many years with their technological development. The transformation into our highly available and scalable UMB cloud is another vote of confidence”.

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