IT as a Service and optimisation of the business processes of Buchzentrum AG (BZ)

26/02/2015 - 00:00

The renowned Buchzentrum AG (BZ)  has decided to significantly reduce costs and increase efficiency. The five-year contract with UMB AG includes optimising the application environment developed over time as well as the central business processes. In addition, all IT infrastructure services will be provided in the service model.

Cham (26. January 2015). UMB AG unites competence relating to IT-Consulting, IT-Engineering and IT-Sourcing like no other company in Switzerland. Numerous globally operating large enterprises and Swiss SMEs rely on the competence of the leading Swiss sourcing providers for optimising their business processes, integrating their application environment as well as running their IT infrastructure. The renowned Buchzentrum AG (BZ) has now come on board as an important reference customer.

Reducing costs, increasing efficiency and added quality

"The UMB AG team impressed us as we evaluated our IT partner. During the coming five years, we are not only outsourcing all our infrastructure services to UMB AG but are also simultaneously optimising our business processes step by step thanks to the integration of our application environment grown over time," explains Daniel Schluep, Head IT & Logistics of the Buchzentrum AG (BZ) while commenting on the decision made in favour of UMB AG. "This allows us to simultaneously reduce costs, increase efficiency and add quality," Schluep expresses enthusiastically.

Economic decision criteria

"We are reducing our customers' IT costs with our customised sourcing solutions and increasing efficiency with our consulting services for the optimisation of application environments and business processes grown over time," says Matthias Keller, Managing Director and owner of UMB AG. "Alongside our profound technological expertise the decision criteria selected in favour of our team are increasingly of an economic nature," says Keller with visible joy.

Basic information

Sourcing model: Sourcing / IT as a service

Range of services: Integration of the application environment, optimisation of business processes, all IT infrastructure services

Sites: Two data centres

Number of employees 350:

Duration of the contract: 5 years

Award criteria: Reducing costs, increasing efficiency, improving quality, building bridges both economically and technologically


About the Buchzentrum AG (BZ)

The Buchzentrum AG (BZ) - established in 1882 as the Schweizerisches Vereinssortiment (SVS) - is today's leading service provider for Swiss bookstores with more than 7 million books in the assortment and daily outgoing goods of 35 tons of books. The offer is rounded off by a big selection of foreign-language books as well as multimedia and board games. The Buchzentrum is registered as a cooperative and has around 330 employees in Hägendorf (SO).