NÜSSLI Group installs IT infrastructure in the UMB data centre

17/12/2014 - 00:00

UMB AG has been operating the IT infrastructure of the international NÜSSLI Group with its managed serviced for more than 10 years. Now the company, which is based in Hüttwilen and has other locations across Europe and the USA, is installing its IT infrastructure in the UMB data centre and will in future procure its IT infrastructure services from within the service model.

Further innovative step in a long-standing cooperation

"We have a long-standing cooperation with the UMB team combined with on-going innovation," explains Christian Funk, Head of Technology of the NÜSSLI Group. "In future we will be able to procure our IT infrastructure services from within the service model on-demand from the UMB data centre; for us that means a significant reduction in costs and greater flexibility to adapt to today's dynamic market needs." With IT as a Service from the UMB data centre, the business requirements of each individual specialist department can be implemented more rapidly. This efficiency ensures that the NÜSSLI Group always receives the best possible IT support for its business processes.

From managed services to IT as a Service

"The early contract extension agreed with the NÜSSLI Group is for us an indication that we continually provided our customers with added value thanks to our innovative strength," says a pleased Matthias Keller, Managing Director and Owner of UMB AG.

The sourcing portfolio of UMB AG ranges from managed services, in other words the professional operation of the customer's own IT infrastructure, to IT as a Service from UMB's own data centre. According to the latest Sourcing-Monitor Schweiz by consultancy firm Active Sourcing, UMB AG has in recent years risen to become the most successful Swiss sourcing provider.


Key data

Sourcing model: IT as a Service

Scope of service: ServiceDesk, server, network/security and desktop Management

Locations: UMB data centre with additional backup in the UMB fortress

Number of IT users: 350

Contract term: 5 years

Award criteria: Cost-efficiency (cost reduction), flexibility, sourcing expertise, innovative strength, long-standing cooperation


About the Nüssli Group

NÜSSLI is a leading, globally operating supplier in the field of temporary constructions for events, trade fairs and exhibitions. Our core products are grandstands and modular stadiums, booth constructions and pavilion constructions along with the overall delivery of event structures and exhibition structures.

Its registered office was founded in 1941 in Switzerland. In addition to country offices and subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, and the USA, NÜSSLI is represented globally by its own sales and product offices as well as various partners.

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