Qualibroker AG relies on IT quality provided by the UMB Datacenter

26/01/2015 - 00:00

The well-known insurance broker Qualibroker AG has newly appointed the UMB Datacenter to provide its IT services. The IT services contract will be for five years and covers the entire range of IT infrastructure services with guaranteed service levels.

Cham (26 January 2015)

Quality as the main criterion for choosing the provider

"Our name Qualibroker intentionally contains what is perhaps a seemingly overbearing word, i.e. quality", explains Adrian ILL, the founder and the delegate of the Board of Qualibroker Holding AG. "By choosing UMB as our new IT service provider, we are similarly relying on the highest levels of quality when it comes to our IT services."

Virtual desktops guarantee top-most security

In future, all IT work places will be made available from the UMB Datacenter in the form of virtual desktops. This will ensure top-level security, flexibility and mobility for the benefit of Qualibroker AG. "In evaluating potential partners we assessed four different providers and then chose UMB. We were utterly convinced by the high-level understanding of business administration, long-standing competence in sourcing and the comprehensive IT know-how with regard to the Microsoft and Citrix technologies utilised by us", ILL expresses his excitement.

An IT competence center committed to quality

Matthias Keller, the CEO and owner of the successful IT provider is thrilled by the new sourcing reference customer and the seamless integration into the UMB Datacenter. "Thanks to our self-developed UMB project management and the excellent know-how of our consultants and engineers, we were always able to fulfil the tight deadlines and high standards of Qualibroker." As a leading Swiss IT competence center, quality is the central focus of the company strategy, says Keller.


Key Figures

Sourcing model: Sourcing / IT as a service

Range of services: IT infrastructure services

Sites: 2: UMB Datacenter and UMB Back-up Datacenter in the rock fortress

Number of IT users: >50

Duration of the contract: 5 years

Award criteria: Quality, project management, economic efficiency, sourcing competence, Microsoft and Citrix know-how, closeness to customers


About Qualibroker

Qualibroker AG was established in the year 2000 as a spin-off of a large insurance broker and is focussed on providing consulting services for all insurance-related matters concerning risk coverage for businesses. At the time of its establishment, Qualibroker had five employees. Thanks to the success of the business and the corresponding growth, Qualibroker today has more than 50 employees and ranks among the leading providers in Switzerland.