S&P Insurance Group now in UMB Datacenter

22/09/2015 - 00:00

KMU Sourcing:  S&P Insurance Group now obtains their IT services from the UMB Datacenter.

UMB AG wins a new UMB Datacenter client in S&P Insurance Group which signed an ‘IT as a service’ contract comprising the complete service model array of IT services.

Security, flexibility and mobility without investment costs

“UMB AG guaranties all IT services in the service model from their datacenter to us”, says Markus Thumiger, Co-Owner of S&P Insurance Group. “In future, our IT workplaces will be provided as virtual desktops with more security, flexibility and mobility – without any investment costs for us”, explains Mr. Thumiger.

Successful corporate development requires flexible IT services

Today, successful corporate development needs the highest IT flexibility to be able to satisfy quickly changing market requirements. Companies must be capable of adapting business needs as quickly as possible in their IT. “That’s exactly what the IT as a service model from the UMB Datacenter guaranties for us at a fair price-performance ratio”, states Mr. Thumiger. 

We are pleased to welcome S&P Insurance Group as a new UMB client in our Datacenter.