«The UMB team has provided us with optimal advice and support - from their professional qualifications to the technical process automation.»

Kurt Portmann, Division Manager, OIZ (Organization and IT), City of Zurich.

The City of Zurich Digitizes their Accounts Payable Workflow

03/07/2018 - 08:45

The City of Zurich processes more than 500,000 accounts payable invoices annually, leading to long processing times, administrative work, and missed discounts. A project realized with UMB creates a digital solution for the approval of invoices, usable throughout the entire city administration, including a centrally operated scanning service. This will reduce costs and provide transparency as well as operative excellence for the accounts payable workflow.  


The City of Zurich is with UMB on the road to the digital age. (Photo City of Zurich)

With more than 410,000 inhabitants, Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. Approximately 28,000 city employees and 1000 trainees deal with classic administrative tasks, operate two hospitals, the public water and power supply, as well as city bus and streetcar lines.

Invoices: long processing times, missing transparency

To date, accounts payable invoices are mostly received on paper and manually processed in almost all service departments. This leads to long processing times and prevents, among other things, compliance with payment terms as well as the consistent deduction of discounts for quick payment. It also renders the entire process nontransparent; many actions cannot be reproduced at a later point in time.

Digital capture and automatic booking in SAP leads to operative excellence

During the course of the project, invoices were digitally captured, converted into a legally watertight digital format, and made available to the various city departments for further processing. After approval, such invoices will automatically be entered and archived in SAP. This ensures operative excellence in accounts payable accounting.

Kurt Portmann, Head of OIZ, City of Zurich, says: "The UMB team has provided us with optimal advice and support - from their professional qualifications to the technical process automation."

Substantial benefits for other City of Zurich service departments

The OIZ currently assumes that 80 percent of all City of Zurich service departments will be able to utilize the digitally supported procedure for the processing of accounts payable invoices. The rollout is currently underway.

The largest Swiss City - optimally advised and supported by UMB (photo City of Zurich).

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