«It only took a few weeks for UMB to switch our IT over to managed services. Speed and quality convinced us to choose the scalable UMB cloud with integrated SAP basic operations.»

Andreas Koch, CFO, Heberlein

Heberlein: An Iconic Swiss Industrial Company in the UMB Cloud with SAP Basic Operations

24/08/2017 - 09:45

Socks, tights, ski pants, and underwear made from Helanca yarn were once bestsellers, but with the Heberlein closure of 2001 165 years of industrial history in the Toggenburg region came to an end. However, the end was also a new beginning. Today, the name Heberlein stands for high-tech in the fields of textile and medical technology. For Heberlein, UMB has created a perfectly scalable cloud environment with SAP basic operations - delivered from the UMB data center. Thus, UMB contributes significantly to further transforming the company.

The story of Heberlein is one of the classics of Swiss industrialization. It begins in 1835 in Wattwil with a big idea and a lot of enthusiasm for the textile business. In its golden age, 5000 people worked for the Toggenburg textile enterprise. Then as now, Heberlein dealt with advanced solutions; pioneer spirit and innovative thinking have shaped the company from the very beginning.

Heberlein Textil

Heberlein Textile Technology: Yesterday as today, innovation and pioneer spirit lead to a decisive competitive edge – which is now being facilitated by the UMB Cloud.

From managed services to the UMB cloud with integrated SAP basis operations

In 2016, Heberlein became independent from the Saurer Group. As a result, IT services could no longer be obtained from Saurer. Heberlein CFO Andreas Koch explains: “It only took a few weeks for UMB to switch our IT over to managed services. Speed and quality convinced us to choose the scalable UMB-Cloud with integrated SAP basic operations.“

The transformation of textile know-how

Today, Heberlein produces state of the art technology in the textile as well as medical and industrial fields.

Knowledge gained in textile processing is adapted for use in other fields and thus transformed. Today, shipments from the tranquil Toggenburg go out to the whole world. This can only function if development, production and delivery processes are supported by smart IT solutions.

Heberlein Medical

An example for innovation and transformation: Heberlein Medical & Industrial grew out of the textile core business. Knowledge gained in hard machining of ceramics is transformed and utilized for other purposes.

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