Operative Excellence by UMB for Krüger + Co. AG

19/03/2019 - 12:06

Krüger optimizes your climate - and might already have dried your laundry with their well-known SECOMAT. The family business based in Degersheim, St. Gallen, stands for innovation, maximum performance, and reliability. Last year, when their IT systems could no longer keep pace with the company’s operational excellence, management decided to bring the systems up to the latest quality standards. What began as a technical assessment with UMB has led to operational excellence again - through a CIO as a service mandate for Krüger. 

Krüger employs approximately 280 people at 19 locations. Their headquarters in Degersheim are gradually being expanded into a modern administration and logistics center. Krüger is a company with a long tradition and is represented in all language regions of Switzerland, offering services and products in the fields of dehumidification, heating, cooling, and restoration.

Krüger + Co. AG headquarters in Degersheim. Thanks to UMB Consulting now also with operational excellence in IT.

UMB consulting services show the way.

Last year, management recognized that their IT systems no longer met essential quality standards. Claude Urbani, CIO/CTO, Krüger + Co. AG states: «The results of UMB's technical and strategic assessment revealed a clear potential for improvement. The UMB team provided us with clear recommendations.»

In order to establish the necessary resources for remedial measures, UMB has been entrusted with a CIO as a service mandate. Claude Urbani: «CIO as a Service provides enormous support and benefits for our IT. Today, thanks to the expertise of UMB Consulting, our IT systems are absolutely stable and efficient again. We are now well on the way to operational excellence in IT as well.»

Secomat von Krüger

It can be found in countless Swiss laundry rooms: The SECOMAT, Krüger's best-known product line.

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