«At UMB I experience team spirit and am able to enjoy my work. UMB also offers exiting further education opportunities.»

Ismaël Wismann, System Engineer

UMB – hit the ground running!

UMB combines strong commitment with strong products to create winning solutions. Successfully, too. In fact, we are one of the most successful IT service providers in Switzerland.


UMB’s leading position in the Swiss IT market comes from a combination of several factors.

We cultivate our corporate culture and invest heavily in our team. You can see that in our in-house Academy, for example. UMB services are based on a deep understanding of customer requirements – we combine technical expertise with operational knowledge to create transformation business & technology. And with our eight locations, we’re always close to our customers.

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Matthias Keller

+41 41 749 20 50
Claude Guggiari
President Board of Directors

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Ursula Erhart
Head of HR & Academy

+41 44 805 13 32